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Proviso East Rolls Out the Welcome Mat

On Wednesday, the Forest Park Middle School Class of 2017 visited Proviso East High School where they were welcomed as the Proviso East Class of 2021. Students were ushered into the field house where they were able to listen to the band and watch two of the Proviso East teams--flag team and dance crew--perform for them. They were welcomed warmly by the principal who asked that when they come to Proviso, they dive in and experience as much as the high school has to offer them. Then to prove those words the students were given presentations by the guidance counselor, the director of the career academies and the assistant principal. Proviso East students, some of them FPMS alumns, also introduced themselves and the clubs and sports they represented. 

Afterward, the students were broken up into smaller groups where they were lead on a walking tour of the school. The students were amazed at the welcome and the sheer size of the school. There were quite a few comments about the number of stairs! Once the tour wound its way back to the field house, each student was given a Proviso East t-shirt that claimed them as the Class of 2021. They were also all invited to come and see the home basketball game on February 17th, where their class would be honored. Tickets will be delivered to the school and passed out in students' homerooms. 

They students could feel the welcome in the halls and while they were a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of the school, they seem to be looking forward to their next big adventure!