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Board Meeting Highlights 3/9/2017

Board Meeting Highlights

March 9, 2017

Consent Agenda Items

Consent agenda items included: approval of February 9, 2017 meeting minutes, approval of payrolls for the month of March, approval of financial data as provided by the Township Treasurer’s Office, approval of the destruction of any recorded executive minutes of August 2015 and several personnel items. Personnel items included: consider approval of certified personnel recommendations for reemployment, consider approval of unpaid leave of absence for 3rd grade teacher at Field-Stevenson, consider approval for employment of temporary music teacher at Betsy Ross/ Field-Stevenson to cover a FMLA leave, consider approval of employment of a temporary 1st grade teacher at Garfield to cover a FMLA leave, consider approval of the request for retirement of the Superintendent of Schools (effective June 30, 2021). All consent agenda items were approved.

SCOTY Award Winners

The SCOTY award recognizes outstanding students for all their hard work. SCOTY stands for Student Citizen of the Year. The 2017 SCOTY Award Finalists were: Nevene Elshareif (2nd grade, Betsy Ross), Ave Blaising (2nd grad, Garfield), Karen Luna-Pina (5th grade, Field-Stevenson), Sabrina James (5th grade, Grant-White) and Henry Wagner (8th grade, Forest Park Middle School). Congratulations to all the SCOTY Award Winners, you make us #D91Proud!

State of the District Finances

There is still no movement to report in regard to the state budget impasse. The Illinois House of Representatives adjourned on Friday 2/24/2017, and the Illinois Senate returned to Springfield during the week of 2/27/2017 to revisit the various provisions of the “Grand Bargain.” At this time there has been no movement or new activity that would suggest any progress toward bipartisan resolution.  

District 91 is still awaiting state revenue payments and, as of 2/28/2017, a projected reduction of approximately $2.1 million in fund balance is anticipated in the Education Fund at the conclusion of the fiscal year on 6/30/2017. This reduction represents an adjusted reserve level of approximately 11 months of Education Fund expenditures.

As previously stated, the deficit would be lower and the reserve level would be higher if all $1.1 million in General State Revenue was allocated to the Education Fund; only $198,000 was allocated, and the remainder is being allocated to the Operations & Maintenance Fund.

New Board Member Orientation Guide

The Board approved the edits made to the new Board Member orientation guide.

Approval of Subscription Renewal Agreements

The Board approved the subscription renewal agreements for the Illuminate Education Data and Assessment Management System (DNA), Illuminate Education Student Information System (SIS) and the FastBridge amendment to the Illuminate Education Student Information System agreement.

Additional Matters of Consideration from the Board

Dr. Cavallo informed the Board that District 209’s new Superintendent came and visited District 91’s schools. Kim Rostello informed the Board about the basketball game against the police officers that FPMS students planned.

Additional Matters of Consideration from the Audience

A member of the audience expressed concerns about the traffic around Garfield Primary School. The concerns were heard by the Board and ideas were discussed for making parents/guardians aware of the issue.